In the SAP® standard transaction MD04 the current requirements and stock situation of a company is displayed according to material and plant.

Due to the diverse processes in R/3® this view is subject to a high change frequency. This always enables an up-to date display of the situation but however complicates the determination of the situation at a certain point in time and the comparison with prior situations.

The Bensberg component ‘Requirements Analysis MD04’ supports the user upon the view and analysis of the requirements and stock situation at a requested time by the storage of data sets. Especially by the comparison of data, changes can be identified and evaluated.

Functions and Features

Efficient component for the display and analysis of a requirement and stock situation (MD04)
Storage of requirements and stock situation (MD04) in data sets at a requested time
Definition of relevant requirement/stock coverage for the analysis of a MD04-situation from different views
Analysis of the current requirements and stock situation or analysis of a situation saved in a data set
Comparison of requirements and stock situations saved in data sets to demonstrate evolved changes
Enhanced analyses, so far independent requirements are involved in the current situation. Optional back-calculation of deliveries (independent requirements) during comparisons in respect to a net view.
Comfortable user interface for the display of the quantities in a free-definable deadline grid according to days, weeks or months. If requested, separate display of requirements and requirements coverage.
Quantity and percent deviation in case of comparisons with filter options (deviation tolerances)

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