Customers of the automobile component supplier industry transmit their requirements in form of forecast and JIT delivery schedules. These delivery schedules are transferred electronically by EDI by applying to the transfer format ‘DELINS’ (IDOC).

The Bensberg Component provides detailed procedures to monitor new incoming delivery schedules.
Due to these procedures it can be ensured that ‚critical’ delivery schedule lines are not transferred unchecked to a scheduling agreement (e.g. quantity deviations). If requested such IDOC are stopped prior to the posting and afterwards can be checked with extensive analysis options. The users can be informed of an existing problem by means of an internal SAP-Mail.

The very clearly structured processing and analysis interface of the component offers comprehensive information in respect to the data contents, also of already posted forecast and JIT-delivery schedules. Due to additional difference and environment analyses the user is also in the position to thoroughly evaluate the frame conditions of the release data.

For customers not sending in their delivery schedules by EDI a fast entry option is integrated in the component enabling the creation of IDOC based on predetermined delivery schedule data (post, fax). Due to this also for these customers the functions and features the component offers can be used.

The application of the Bensberg component ‘DELINS’ improves considerably the quality of the forecast and JIT delivery schedules in the own system. Important for this are the available check procedures, by which problematic delivery schedules are already identified in advance.

The in total improved delivery schedule quality increases the delivery performance towards the customer, optimizes the production process and reduces costs, e.g. by avoiding unscheduled deliveries.

Detailed analysis options improve the efficiency and transparency of the processing before, during and after the electronic transfer of delivery schedules.

Functions and Features

Efficient, individually adjustable check procedures, e.g.
Quantity deviations in an free-definable time window for forecast and JIT-delivery schedules
Global quantity deviations fort the own material
Minimum and maximum quantities per day, week and month
Monitoring of backlog in respect to the material staging date
Monitoring of ‘last delivery’, ‘delivery schedule number’ and ‘cumulative quantity received’
Monitoring of changes of the order number
Monitoring of text changes (header and position level)
Monitoring of IDOC with zero quantities, alternatively with automatic deletion function
Monitoring of field contents (material master data, customer master data)
Syntax check of JIT delivery schedules
Comfortable and clearly structured processing and analysis interface with embedding in the EDI-entry
Extensive analyses of current and already processed IDOC
Difference analysis and analysis of components (left/right parts)
IDOC-separation according to sales area, employee, MRP controller and shipping plant
Detailed display and list functions of administration, deadline, text and packaging data
Fast entry of delivery schedules (e.g. for customers without EDI)

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