In the automotive component supplier industry shipments are often processed by involving so-called ‘consignment warehouses’. These warehouses are situated close to the customer’s facilities and thus a fast and sufficient material staging for the customer is ensured at any time. The service of this kind of shipments is rendered by so-called External Service Agents (ESA)

The customer informs the supplier of the requirements by transmitting a delivery schedule (DELINS). Due to this delivery schedule the supplier carries out a delivery to the consignment warehouse. This process is called ‘shipment to ESA. The customer then withdraws the material from the consignment warehouse as and when requested. This process is called ‘ESA-consignment issue’.

The supplier is informed of the activities necessary for this kind of processing by EDI, whereupon the transfer format ‘EDLNOT’ (IDOC) is used. In particular these activities are ‘ESA-consignment issues’, ‘Delivery receipts for the ESA-shipment’ and ‘Stock messages’.

The Bensberg component provides detailed procedures and analyses for the respective process types.
For the ESA-consignment issues all necessary posting steps until the final posting are offered. If requested an automated background process supports the user in recurring processes.

Complex analyses of the material flow beginning with the shipment to ESA until the final posting of the consignment issue offer the user a comprehensive source of information. Stock analyses for verification and evaluation of stock differences and the monitoring of minimum and maximum stock complete the function range.

The component’s clearly structured processing and analysis user interface offers detailed information on the data contents of all ESA-message types.

Functions and Features

Efficient function enhancements of the ESA-messages ‘Consignment issue’, ‘Stock message’ and ‘Delivery receipts’.
Integrated subsequent processing options of the ESA-consignment issues until the final invoicing. Single step or total processing with the display of the processing progress and of the document flow. Alternatively carried out by an automated background process.
Comfortable and clearly structured processing and analysis interface with embedding in the EDI-entry.
Complex analysis options for the monitoring of the material flow from the shipment to ESA until the invoicing of the ESA-consignment issue.
Extensive analysis options of the delivery receipts and the stock messages.
Monitoring of minimum and maximum stocks
Fast entry of ESA-messages (e.g. in case of unscheduled shipments)

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