The Bensberg component ‘Delivery performance SD’ is a comprehensive software for the evaluation of the own delivery reliability towards the customers.

The evaluation of goods issues is executed on the basis of the VDA-standard norm 5001, the VDA-standard norm 9003 (New: VDA-standard norm 5011 from Nov./Dec. 2020) and in percent. Extensive evaluation parameters facilitate a differentiated evaluation and analysis of the respective procurement processes.

The possibility to also include schedule lines behind the requested or confirmed delivery date in the evaluation guarantees a precise and detailed evaluation of a customer at any time.

Also special procurement processes as JI and Consignment can be evaluated precisely with the Bensberg component.

In the Bensberg component the evaluation of scheduling agreement releases is complemented with efficient functions enabling a secure and just evaluation of the delivery performance. The procedure ‘smoothing’ during which several goods issue quantities are summarized and evaluated as a unit complete the extensive evaluation options.

Functions and Features

Evaluation of goods issue processes on the basis of VDA-norm 5001, of VDA-norm 9003 (New: VDA-standard norm 5011 from Nov./Dec. 2020)  and percent.
Comprehensive evaluation parameters for a detailed adjustment of the evaluation to the respective processes.
Evaluation according to Service grade, Delivery performance and ‚Agreed deadline’.
Special procedure for the evaluation of scheduling agreement releases.
‘Smoothing’ (summarization) of several deliveries to one evaluation unit.
Evaluation of order and scheduling agreement schedule lines behind requested or confirmed deliver date.
Evaluation of special delivery processes as JIT and consignment.
Detailed, interactive individual analysis according to different sort keys by displaying the evaluation basis and the offsetting of the quantities. Filter options, downloads, remarks and changeability of the evaluation.
Global analysis according to customer and year with the distribution to months (also rolling). Context-dependent branching to the individual analysis.
Analysis displaying under- and overdeliveries as well as the chronological distributions.
Interface for the transfer of the evaluations results to external systems. e.g. SAP®-BW.
Possibility of the detailed revaluation after the modification of evaluation parameters. Subsequent evaluation of legacy data.

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