In the SD customer orders are saved in orders and scheduling agreements. Due to this open quantities are created, which are relevant in respect to requirements (MD04, independent requirements) or deliveries (delivery due list). Deliveries reduce the open quantities, independent of goods movement status (goods issue).

Especially in case of scheduling agreements, which often are changed by electronic delivery schedules (DELINS, forecast/JIT delivery schedules), the open quantities deviate more or less frequently. This always enables an up-to date display of the situation but however complicates the determination of the situation at a certain point in time and the comparison with prior situations.

The Bensberg component ‘open quantities’ supports the user upon the view and analysis of all available quantities (orders and scheduling agreements) at a requested time by the storage of data sets. Especially by comparing these data sets, alterations can be identified and evaluated.

Functions and Features

Efficient component for the display and analysis of open customer and delivery quantities with different sort options
Storage of all open quantities out of orders and scheduling agreements in data sets at requested time
Analysis of the current open quantities or analysis of a situation in a stored data set
Comparison of open quantities in stored data sets in order to display changes
Comfortable interface for the display of open quantities in an free-definable deadline grid according to days, weeks or months. Display of open deliveries and open invoices, if requested with back-calculation.
Analysis according to quantity, value or weight
Special treatment of production orders, LZM-/TAM-difficulty (open LZM-quantities according to TAM_FZ)

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