With the Bensberg component ‘Orders’ orders (ORDERS), order changes (ORDCHG) and delivery orders (DELORD) transmitted by EDI can be processed with a comfortable user interface.

According to message type it can be agreed on stop indicators, which avoid an immediate posting of the IDoc.

In case of delivery orders (TAM), which refer to a scheduling agreement (LZM), quantity checks can be carried out, which ensure that only orders are posted which correspond to determined requirements.

Beside the normal EDI-processing preliminary and subsequent routines can be activated in the Bensberg component. Preliminary routines get active prior to the posting of the IDoc.
These routines enable the posting of an IDoc, which could be posted due to faulty IDoc-segments by e.g. modifying/enhancing these segments according to predetermined problem specifications:
Subsequent routines are used after the posting to e.g. adjust the created order again. For doing this the Bensberg component applies to a VA02-processing.

Functions and Features

Comfortable and clearly structured processing and analysis user interface with embedding in the EDI-entry.
Separate processing of ORDERS and ORDCHG with ‘IDoc-stop’.
Support of delivery orders (MAIS-Pic-Up).
Detailed display functions of administration, deadline and packaging data. Variable display control.
Preliminary routines for the adjustment of IDoc-data prior to the posting.
Subsequent routines for the adjustment of new orders after the posting.

Purchase order number