In the automobile component supplier industry the customers transmit their requirements in form of forecast and JIT delivery schedules. These are transmitted electronically by EDI, whereby the transfer format ‘DELINS’ (IDoc) is used. Upon these transfers, structures have been evolved the SAP-standard system cannot portray sufficiently.

The Bensberg component provides procedures, which recognize these transfer structures and converts them into the requested result (split). Due to the embedding in the posting process of the SAP® standard system each new forecast and JIT-delivery schedule runs through the split procedure activated for the customer, whereby the original document of the customer (IDoc) remains unchanged.

If required, we are prepared to realize customer-specific split procedures.

Functions and Features

Adjustment of forecast and JIT-delivery schedules to established, partner-specific transfer structures.
Different weekly and monthly split procedures, e.g. distribution of a monthly remainder quantity to the remaining working days of a month.
Distribution on calendar days or weekdays, e.g. distribution on week days by considering distribution keys.
Filling up to rounding quantities, either with or without the creation of shortfalls.
Supplementation of release deadlines up to the planned cumulative quantity.
On request, customer-specific split procedures.
Activation according to customer, plant and customer material with validity period.

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