Credit Memo Procedure

  • Edit the total overview on a credit advice note independently from IDocs
  • References are found fully automated: delivery, order, invoice and open items
  • Start the FI-posting with SAP® standard transactions
  • Use the option to set processes uniformly or for example customer-specific
  • The background process for error-free credit advice notes saves time and effort
  • Our difference analysis supports the search for differing amounts or quantities


  • Use our dynamic analyses for the display of extensive data contents
  • Analyze, check, stop, modify and enhance incoming message types ORDERS, ORDCHG und DELORD
  • Use our order entry for non-EDI customers with IDoc creation

Requirement Analysis MD04

  • Schedule snapshot creations of the MD04 data at required times
  • Requirement type sets create different views on pegged requirement and requirement coverage
  • Analyze the stored snapshots and apply to the agreed requirement type sets
  • Determine changes by comparing 2 snapshots, e.g. increases/reductions of primary requirements

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External Service Agent (ESA)

  • Complete the withdrawing process by the document creation of deliveries, goods issue posting and invoice
  • The fully-automated background process saves time and effort
  • Use the analyses of delivery receipts to identify stock differences; stock analyses, maximum and safety stock complete the functional scope

Open Quantities

  • Schedule snapshot creations of the open quantities at required times
  • Analyze the stored snapshots with regard to quantity, value and weight; enhance the display by delivery quantities, open deliveries and open invoices
  • By comparing 2 snapshots changes are identified, e.g. increases/reductions of customers
  • Use the processes related to the open quantities, as e.g. LZM/TAM-logic