“Understand. Analyze. Act”

This is our motto. And it describes how useful our software is. Let’s have a detail look on it:

  • Understand. Supply chains are complex, alone the numbers of orders, delivery schedules and downstream processes are immense. The important details are sometimes hardly to detect, but influence your daily work in various ways. Our software helps you to understand the behavior of you customers and to put the focus on the decisive factors and processes.
  • Analyze. We offer numerous of tailored analyzing-, reporting- and monitoring tools. Gain insights, analyze how tendencies develop and which thresholds are important. Find the right measures by which your supply chain is optimized best!
  • Act. Put your new insights into practice. See, for example, which delivery schedules lead to unscheduled deliveries and contradict the order in time. The best of all: many of these processes can be executed automatically: either fully-automated or you are prompted for a decision. Predefined sets of rules help you with.

That’s us – the Bensberg Unternehmensberatung GmbH. With the knowledge and experience of 25 years we are your competent partner.  One main topic of our work is the automotive sector, which especially due to the Just-in-Time-deliveries has a pioneer role in respect to supply chains and automatization. Our software is not restricted to this sector but can also be used in other industrial areas. Have a look on our top and renowned references.