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You are an A-, B- or C-supplier? How can you improve your own delivery reliability?

Or vice-versa: How good or bad are your own suppliers?

Put this knowledge into practice for own processes and contract negotiations.


  • Evaluate the delivery performance according to different procedures, also according to VDA for the automotive sector
  • Use our easily understandable KPIs for the delivery performance (OTD) and service grade (OCR)
  • Backlog in unit and value: based on the stock, find out, which turnover is not yet realized
  • Apply to our delivery schedule evaluation for forecast delivery schedules and JIT delivery schedules
  • Balance of under- and overdeliveries thanks to our smoothing
  • Consideration order confirmations with advices
  • Evaluate quality based on Q-messages or usage decision
  • Analyze and evaluate PPM-defective parts, if required with target agreement
  • Enhance your evaluations by service features, e.g. certificate, complaint rate or 8D
  • Apply to our additional supporting processes: VMI, consignation, JIT/JIS, intercompany
  • No unjustified punishment in case self-collection or credit limit (SD)
  • Configure your evaluation parameter either uniformly or for example customer-specific
  • Quick start due to our legacy data evaluation, dynamic due to revaluation and evaluation modifications
  • Interface for the connection of SAP® BI/BW

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The functions of the Bensberg component

  • enhance missing evaluation options of the SD and MM delivery performance in the SAP® standard
  • support VDA recommendations for automotive customers
  • give a detailed overview on each single evaluation process
  • enables the evaluation also based on scheduling agreement releases and backlogs
  • provide extensive valuation procedures and valuation parameter for all common processes in the SAP® SD and MM