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Your customers send hundreds of delivery schedules daily and by that change the ordered quantity continuously? This has an immediate effect on your production process and short-term changes even lead to unscheduled deliveries?

With our solutions you can not only keep overview, but also intervene automatically by means of predefined rules or contradict against.


  • Monitoring of quantity deviations e.g. in the frozen zone, two weeks before delivery date
  • Reduce unscheduled deliveries: identify order modifications at an early stage an react with a contradiction
  • Stock reduction: keep an eye on the requirement development
  • Standardized KPIs for the evaluation of the delivery schedule behavior of your customers
  • Requirement forecast and requirement development with delivery, stock and range of coverage
  • Analyze and compare your open quantity and historical values
  • Backlogs in unit and value: based on the stock, find out, which turnover is not yet realized
  • MD04 analysis: create and compare snapshots
  • Contradict manually or automated by PDF export or email
  • Monitor and check incoming IDocs (DELINS) with the possibility to stop the processing of an IDoc
  • Modify the customer requirement quantities during IDoc posting
  • Use our delivery schedule entry for non-EDI customers with IDoc creation
  • Apply to our additional supporting processes: External service agent (ESA), Debit memo procedure, Orders, JIT, LZM/TAM
Bensberg Diagramm - Darstellung Produktplatzierung im EDI (horizontal)
Bensberg Diagramm - Darstellung Produktplatzierung im EDI (vertikal)

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The functions of the Bensberg components

  • enhance the SAP®  standard processes in the scheduling agreement and order processing
  • are embedded in the SAP®-EDI processes (Electronic Data Interchange and thus part of these
  • enhance missing functions in the SAP® standard
  • ensure that only checked processes are carried out
  • enhance the view of current and past requirement situations by efficient, process-oriented views
  • save costs by an immense simplification of complex processes
  • offer transparency in otherwise hidden, automated processes
  • support VDA recommendations for the automotive industry